What a Massssss !

Designer: Chao-Chun Wei
Time: 2020 summer    
Location: nowhere

That was all given: a piece of graph, complicated lines on it, to be a projected result. No gravity, in the middle of nowhere (just like the Rhino interface…), and good luck.

Its kind of bewildering at first. I get my part on the graph, and I take it everywhere, on train, at lunch, and I stare at it trying to envisage something form it but nothing happened.

And I went another way. I started giving definitions to the lines on it, like the architectural graphics we’ve always got—everything signifies something. And this time I came up with a hamburger-like structure in mind—blue for the outer layer, red for the second layer, and green for the central layer. As for the gray line, perhaps giving the hamburger a bite, and that’s a void, architecturally speaking. By tracing the lines as “projections”, and following these principles I’ve establish, I started to build something up. And from these constraints I found freedom, and I start manipulating surfaces, adjusting vertices, and from here I got to a place I’ve never thought I would have gotten.

What really fascinated me was the incredibly dynamic inside space. When I put it into rendering, I roam into its interior, and when I look up, layers of sculptural forms jut out, hovering above each other, and the beam of light just poured down from the very panicle. It was like peeking out form a booming bud, amazing. Looking around, the play of light dramatically emphasis the edges of the form, on which the shadows of the surrounding stick structures added a pop of pattern. It’s a place stripped off the daily straight walls and plan floors, into what we’re not quite used to, but used to the most in our deepest mind. It seems random, without order, but truly touching and enjoyable.

I know that I’ve got to somewhere. Suddenly I feel the same like bumping into penicillin in the lab. It’s just this, and its influential enough.



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